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Geraud CLEDJO, is a self-taught painter, born on 12/19/1990 in Cotonou-Benin. He lives and works between Montreal and Brooklyn.
He was immersed in the artistic world, because he grew up in a house decorated by paintings and artworks, where there was harmony of traditional and contemporary music.
The beginnings of drawing were given to him and his brothers by their father, who taught them to draw from a very young age.

This purely artistic atmosphere bore fruit because his  older brother is a talented architect. As for him, sometimes lost in his dreams, he would catch himself painting to release his emotions. It was only in 2020 that he realized that painting is part of him, it's like therapy, "HIS therapy", where he took the name Cgiscar Art. Two years later he took the risk of leaving the comfort of salary to immerse himself completely in painting. A very conclusive decision, with several exhibitions in Sherbrooke, Toronto, Montreal (Canada), Miami (USA), as well sales in Europe, Africa and North America.
Geraud is an atypical artist, through his art based on his connection with the visible and invisible world. He also knows how to be a committed artist, with his paintings relating childhood and societies facts.
Let yourself be transported into the world of Cgiscar Art through his works.



Artistic approach:

I paint on canvas with acrylics, oil pastels and spray paint. Sometimes, I integrate objects that are often recycled.
Passionate, committed and self-taught, my works are a mix of my emotions, my childhood memories, and social facts.
Depending on the message I want to convey, the choice of colors on my works, reflect terror, sadness, dismay, abandonment, solitude, cheerfulness, spirituality.
The music in the background while I paint, brings harmony to my paintings and reflects my state of mind at the moment (dark or cheerful).
Each person can find themselves in my works, because a large part of our childhood sleep within us, which the memories  come back in our adult life, it can be traumas or good moments. Sometimes what nature offers to us, or what society imposes. This affects us in general. It’s to make them understand that they are not alone.

Some of my works can also take your imagination on a journey.
The look of surprise that I see in the faces of people, who come closer and learn the story behind each of my works, is the best compliment I can have at this stage of my career.

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